First mission in USA !

Hi, our customer sells online clothes. He needs from 20 to 30 square meters, and 30 orders by month to start.
Furthermore, he needs domestic transport solutions.

Describe the typical order preparation: So classic ! just pick up 2 or 3 items and put these in a parcel
Average number of orders per month: 30
Average number of products per order: 2
Percentage of returns: 5.0
Number of documents to be inserted per order: 0
Number of products for initial stocking: 2500
Number of references to store: 300
Average number of products by reference to store: 9
Number of supplier deliveries to be processed per month: 4.0
Average number of references per supplier delivery: 50.0
Quantité d'articles par référence en moyenne par livraison fournisseur: 20
Purchase value of the stock: 10000.0
Number of square meters needed: 25
Number of inventories: 1 per year
Transport solutions :
Postal services
Fast (48H/72H)
Express (24H)
Relay point shipments
Days of orders's departure :
I already have specific packaging
I need packaging adapted to my products
Desired start date of the services: Jan 1, 2020
Listing created Nov 26, 2019