Information about BusyBees

We connect companies that need logistics services, we call them Busy, with other companies that have time, space, and expertise to deliver these services, we call them Bees and SuperBees.

Our goal is to be able to offer logistics solutions to all companies, whatever their needs, but also to simplify the marketing of logistics capacities.

For us, logistics is a key success factor, and must be considered an important element in the customer experience. Each company has specific needs, and it is therefore essential to be able to offer tailor-made solutions that are consistent with our clients' strategies.

We also made an unequivocal observation, today the supply of logistical services and demand do not meet, and it is extremely complicated to compare the different offers if they have been identified. This is why we created the Busybees marketplace, and that we provided it with algorithms, to finally bring supply and demand together, and make the purchase and sale of logistics services easier than ever.

We firmly believe that logistics will be at the heart of tomorrow's economy, and that we can build it all together, companies, logisticians, and individuals, united